Works and designs prior to 3016.

LrMobile1906-2016-1002154684055803753016 prior to 3016.

Sssoo… I’ve been designing prior to 3016. To be directrix ever since late 2014/early 2015.

No lie. I have had jabs at starting a brand and…Well, I decided to take a different perspective when it comes to fashion because I do like being limited to season, so I opted to be a Freelance designer. On my own accord.

So delighted to have you here on this journey with me 🌹.




The designs recently presented were inspired by a state if clarity. Transparency.

The next to be displayed are inspired by innovation. The purpose was to innovate the concepts of shirt-design. It is just a different perspective.



Anyway, enough with the past.
Now on to the future! Check out my new works on the gram @Iconxstyles.

📷:Rolindela Nonge.

Yours sincerely

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