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Thank you to #Manimonday,but now it is time for the evolution and we are moving one to Calamine Emojis (Color my emojis).

So what’s up with this , ‘Calamine emojis’?
Basically this is the interpretation of emotions through Calamine lotion. I as your artist, will be expressing the most I can.

So what is its relevance to fashion and 3016?
It’s relevance is that I believe that amongst the youth, there will be an advance in the integration of culture and fashion. Just as I have combined calamine lotion (which is used my the Xhosa tradition in South Africa) and the day in and day out Street wear.

Just as piercings and tattoos are an expressive form of art. So will calamine lotion.

Ssssooo…. What shall I be expressing ?
The dilemma of a young adult, concerning the ladies. Two contrasted parts of being moral and immoral.
I will post the matching poetry and text on instagram . Check it out @ Iconxstyles.

Thank you at Phila Tshidi for the photography. Check him out at Perspective_Phil on Instagram.







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