​Calamine emojies.3016.p4.

Calamine Emojies.3016.p4.
Passangers of consciousness.p2.

When it comes to consciousness and topics that revolve around it like religion, spirituality, history and such, it is always a touchy topic… One that touches the youth.

In this week’s calamine emojies, I shall be displaying the second part of my journey as a “Passanger of consciousness”. I will be interpreting my personal journey with consciousness, by using lipstick this time around.

I am sure you’re wondering what the relevance is to fashion? The relevance of lipstick and calamine lotion is expression. In 3016 fashion expressions are as acute as they come subliminal.

Black consciousness.








Till a certain degree black consciousness has played a huge role and still does in my life.

“A deeper” History.
Roles and responsibilities of male and female.
The significance of melanin.

Through this journey that drew me closer to where I am currently at (self love/consciousness) I Have learned to value fhe struggle our elders have went through and the different struggles people go through. Being pro black does not mean being ‘anti’ to other ethnicities.

Freedom is a state of mind. Do not let anyone or anything rob you of it.


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