Should I even vote ?

As a youngen within the youth, for the past three months, I have been wondering whether if I should vote or not and I am certainly sure that I am not the only person within South Africa’s youth who thinks so.

Not being politically inclined has not served me justice -nor any of us- because when it comes to times like these…
Who do we vote for?
Why should we vote?
It seems as if nothing is going to change…

Voting does play a huge role in the economy and as the youth, we have the juice. I know, some of my peers are going to vote to make a change, some vote out of obligation and others will vote stratigically (for some tender tenders) and I don’t blame any of them. It’s a healthy exercise to participate in economical political activities…

Truth is That 1 vote is of significance and it can make a change, but from a 3016 view, I don’t believe that the government can make a change, they can only help make a change.
The Government was made for us and not us for the government.

I believe that what cripples us as ‘a people’ is That Everybody seems to be dependant on the government, whether it be for fixing the roads… providing toilets…
providing money for kids with kids… bursaries…
There is so much.
And why do I say it cripples us ?
Because these are responsibilities we are supposed to nurture.
Note- The government constitutes of normal people, so hey there are good people and bad people, so there is bound to be corruption regardless especially in this young nation in its 20’s.

I know, yes it is true, some of us reading this article are loyal tax payers and do deserve better and I agree with that, you’re sick and tired of nkandla and politicians rolling in luxurious mercs in a convoy, but my main point is…

Does complaining make a difference?

I was watching this other conspiracy theory Video(after years of not doing so, because these things are creepy AF) and something interesting was brought up – the government is needed by the people Because it is there to solve our problems (in most cases, half or most of the problems get solved). Although it solves them, it also tends to provide those problems!

Not that S.A’s government does such wicked things, but (in itself it does tend to be a problem) the point here is that if We as people who are in the same boat -who a relative empathetic understanding of our problems- bothered making a change, we could do the most. Trust.

Problems are dealt with, INTERNALLY.
Then an EXTERNAL change will happen.

In 3016 the government is not the key to unlocking the solutions…
As corny as this sounds,
You are
I am
We are.

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