​When it comes to fashion, what usually comes to mind is also branding, especially amongst the youth.
Brand seem to run the show.  a lot of our celebrities live to be branded with the highest, priciest and most luxurious and prestigious brands, such as rappers.  I listen to a lot of rappers ansd trap, the most a lot lately and there always has to be something about VVS, YSL,LOIUS and so many other high end brands.
Currently in terms of relevance,  is this what makes fashion what is Is?


Nope, style and the combination of brands and purpose -amongst a hella load of things- is what makes fashion what it is. 
On a day to day in all types of industries and markets brands are doing the most. Bombarding us and trying to tell us what we need or who we are. 

Trust, there is nothing wrong with brands, the only problem is when we allow them to affect our wholistic perspective of fashion,self.
Truth is the clothes don’t bring us to life, we bring the clothes to life. The 3016 perspective is that fashion is an artistic expression. It is a way of life. It is the vehicle upon which you move. You can gain some sort of identity using fashion, such as I have.  
I feel like the aim of the gaim is to wear what you like, whether it be your grand/parents clothes, thrifted items, high end items, trendy or vintage…as long as you don’t live out of your means.


In 3016 people will not be hell bent on fitting in by buying branded items to fit in or feel left out if you aren’t ‘trendy’. The purpose will be to use fashion as a tool to enhance you as a person,but not relly on it,because it is not absolute.


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