Coats in The Summer.3016.

Summer Autumn Winter Spring.


Which fashion season do you prefer S/S or A/W?

One thing that I noticed is that, when it comes to fashion -till a certain degree- abiding to the laws of buying what’s hot this season or what’s most applicable and trendy does not matter.


The rules of fashion were meant to be bent, broken, disregarded, used and abused…glorified and kept… It all depends on your perspective. Your truth.
Same does apply with the classical ‘winter and summer colors’, it is all on you baby.



So what’s the purpose of “coats in the summer”?

This is a metaphor for… Wear anything you desire, any time, it all depends – as long as you’re comfortable and feeling it. Such moves make way for great combos, such as I have found with mixing coats and shorts.




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