Ever get tired of carrying a bag with minimal stuff to carry within?


Well, that’s how I feel when adventuring- whether it be adventuring around Midrand ,cycling,jogging ,partying or dodging and skipping through the cbd of Johannesburg.

This is when I decided to create a small bag that holds my personal belongings and other small items.
I call it… A KATELINA!

The whole purpose of this bag is to avoid situations of your belongings falling out your pockets, that awkward feeling of wearing skinny pants and having items in your pockets disrupt the smooth movements you deserve… Oh yes, as well as avoid getting pick pocketed, amongst many things!
Just wear it under your jacket and PRESTO! Less stresses.

The Katelina is a simplistic, light weighted item, that won’t slow you down on these streets. Gun holster inspired,becuase it evokes a badass look to it, if you know how to wear it right.


As always, when it comes to art -There has to be constant perfection. It’s never complete, it is just left at it’s relevantly satisfying level for the time.


In 3016, bags will be more applicable to the streerts. Shapes and designs will Excel to enhance human movement, yet also carry luggage in better ways.

All photography by Phila Shidi.


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