I am not sure,but am I the only being in their youth who suspect that sex plays a huge role in running the game?


Why is it that sex evokes so much from us, whether it be positive or negative. Why?

Sex tends to play a primaral role in the fashion world, whether it be Calvin Klein & Victoria’s secret… Skin care products… Fragrances… His & her sweaters… Advertisements of the items, etc, it all plays a huge role.

As a youngen, when dealing with business, a lot of times you’ll hear- ‘sex sells’…and truth of the matter is that it does, hence the reason why the beauty industry (amongst many other) maximises on the manipulation of aesthetic.


I figured that one of the reasons as to why sex sells is because at the end of the day as humans,we are still deeply instact with our instincts to procreate, instincts that are relative to sex,hence We are attracted to aesthetic. We are attracted to whatever can sell us the best dream- the dream of perfection.
The perfection everyone glorifies and that is why we abide.

So whats the 3016 perspective when it comes to sex selling? Well, I believe that people will see the product for what it is and not get hypnotized by the falacy being sold. It is a matter of consciousness. A matter of accepting self in order to minimize being fooled by businesses selling us things we do not need.



Or maybe I am tripping?
Feel free to share your thoughts on this and share your thoughts concerning this?

Photographer: Tobey.N.
Creative director: Phila Shidi.

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