I noticed something the other day.

I have an ‘odd’ relationship with the concept of aesthetic. I noticed that it can only take you so far. When it comes to fashion,it only plays part.

Everybody seems to be wearing the same thing, but in different ways… There is nothing new under the sun. Don’t be fooled. Aestheticis achievable,just seek the acceptance of the masses.

So what now, Icon?
What matters?

Honestly speaking, confidence is key.
Confidence strikes me whole and makes me shake. Not just the trait of having it, but also implementing it.

If it’s something you’ll notice after a while in fashion is that- you get people that dress well. They have their ‘starter pack’ up to par and that gives them the confidence (well some of it) to strut…BUT THEN ON THE OTHER SIDE, you get a naturally confident being to own whatever they wear. Regardless of a starter pack outfit or whatever.

How does one achieve this confidence from within?
I honestly believe it is a matter of honesty. The sooner you resonate with what you like and not what other people think is best, then hey you’re on the right path.
Dealing with something regardless of whether it is hyped or whack.
It’s a matter of knowing that you got the juice regardless of the clothing.



Photographer:Tobey Ncobo
Creative director: Phila Shidi
Models: Lerato Masters and I.


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