My good people, 3016 shall be having a fashion campaign. It shall be called DenimDecember.3016.

The fabric Denim has played a huge role across a lot of cultures and the aim here is to push the boundary in terms of design,but incorporating this with denim.
The aim and goal of this campaign is to create a culture as infinite as denim. At the end of this year, as IconXstyles we shall be introducing a couple of things that are beyond the beyond! Things highly relevant to youth culture.

I shall be releasing a different range of denims, at least weekly, portraying different perspectives.

This week until the the end of the first week of December, I shall he working with the reflective range.
This range consists of adding reflectors to denim jackets with varying designs, as well as colours. All inspired by South Africa’s civil workers- construction workers, police as well as car guards.

This range is conducive for the party life in December.

The purpose of such designs in 3016 is to spread the essence of streetwear by taking inspiration from streets,just as I have did with civil workers.
The other purpose is to enhance the vibrance of the moments within which we party, celebrate in the night.

Believe, what is about to delivered is going to be LIT!!!! Literally 😉











Thus far Plain ones are R150
My Custom designed ones are R200
Ones that are according to your specifications go for about R300 or so, depending on your requirements.

Photographer: Phila Tshidi.
Models: Jason in the Black shirt and Kamo in the Orange shirt.
Iconxstyles 🌹

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