Principle.1. Transmutability.3017.


This year I’m venturing deeper into making and today I shall be presenting one of the ‘principles’ of design (I might have conjured up :,)) -especially that of relevance to streetwear.



The principle of transmutability/transformation.
Basically this is the ability to changeand here is an example using Nike Airforce 1’s. Af 1’s have been in the game since the 1980’s and they are a timeless sneaker. I believe the sneaker is a must have in your wardrobe or sneaker collection.They have heritage.


The reason as to why I chose these sneakers is because their designs allow one to customise the sneaker to your hearts content. Whether it be painting or stitching.
Sssoooo, you might be wondering what I did, huh?

Well I decided to take a different innovative route and I added Velcro to mine…


Here’s how it goes-
One side (preferably the soft side, that won’t get attached to anything nor pick up Lindt along the way!) I attached to the shoe.

Then there will be the other patch, which has the fabric. It will be cut accordingly to the side I attached on the shoe. This side will be able to attach to the shoe.

The fabricated (lonesome) patch can we switched up -which is what I will be doing this year- to your hearts content with all different types of fabrics. For our first demonstration, I decided to use leather.




This principle allows for diversity.

(You don’t have to wear your shoe till the sole runs out with it looking the same. Never.
You don’t have to worry about being basic af af af forever.
Your can switch it up day after day if you favour.
For you to look delicious you can switch up the flavours πŸ˜‚)

I shall be showing more of these innovations as time goes on, and even with different shoes! Just make sure to subscribe and turn on my post notifications on Instagram -@iconxstyles-.


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