Metro genes’ expresso

So wordy, I noticed something the other day when conversing with a bud of mine…
It’s concerning this whole sexuality thing.
Females have been facing struggles concerning social inequality and through this
Hectic journey they have adapted and upped the anti on their masculinity,as seen
Through fashion. From the days when only men used to wear heels,pants and the color
Pink, before these were all deemed feminine.

As this happened, it seems like men stayed complacent and did not bother adapting to
Feminine traits,Except most recently…. In about less than 2 decades or so with the whole metrosexuality metrobooming across the lifestyle industry.
So what’s a metrosexual?
The term is originally coined by Mark Simpson.
A metrosexual is a man concerned with personal appearance, such as personal grooming,
Fashion and aesthetics in general.

‘Metrobooming want some more nigga’,but wordy, it actually goes deeper. Within the world of metrosexuality there is also something called a lumbersexual,as well as a spornosexual.

Since this is Icon who is discussing this topic, what’s the point?
Well, the point I’m coming to is that metrosexuality is the future.
It is a further connecting point between males and females.
A necessity within fashion’s evolution and the communication between male and female. It boils down to understanding.

Why is this so?
Well, because
1. As males, we learn to understand females more. The efforts they go through to look so delicious.
2. We present ourselves more acutely,hence a better appearance ans better appeal ;).
3. Metrosexuals just have better taste because of the expertise gained by the effort put in.

I believe that In all honesty, Fashion has no gender, except for when it comes to underwear.
The rest just comes down to the perception and intention of what you’re wearing .

Wordy wordy, join I on this journey as I break boundaries and skyrocket the metrosexual levelisms.

Feel free to share your ideas concerning this topic and yeah, we’ll develop the perspective then get it popping.


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