The only thing that ever makes me sad these days is when a person orders a denim and they never pull through, as if the denim isnt fire flaming🔥 .

But word, that is besides the point. Thank you to every one that has supported!!! Your cashes have went to getting a camera as well as, doing le most and building the platform.

The second step is to capture le youth I am specifically making this for and this is for le artists. Artists that are the future of our artistic industries. Artists who are beyond le beyond. Artists who are le future.

I’ll be running a vlog where I capture the youth finessing and doing le most and yea, it will be mad crazy crazy crazy, best believe.

Dont worry you will also benefit from this, trust! I cannot diclose much further until I drop the visuals. stay attentive 😉 I will be dropping the project this Spring.

Keep supporting , best believe this will bring the most change. For le best.

Icon 🌹.

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