Intro Re-Up/Durag Daddy/Iconsana.


So your boy is back. He had a revelation and is gonna start “contenting” this journey.

Welcome IconXstyles, IconSana, A.K.A Durag Daddy.

Durag, lavender, Air Force, innovation, denim, pants.
Durag Daddy, your finesse mate is always down to ride for you💕.


So wordy what is a Durag Daddy? A Durag Daddy is a person who paves their own way. They run contra to norms and only participate in norms that benefit their vision.

A person who takes charge of their own life, own time, own destiny.

A being who eats uncertainty for breakfast, most mornings.

First of all this Durag Daddy is your finesse mate! I spill all the sauces I got for you❤ I want to see you succeed and conquer in South Africa.

That’s the basic, to whomever it may concern, what is this Durag Daddy known as Iconsana up to? This year is about finessing the Internet.

In all honesty there is no other way around it in this day and age and I honestly , with every soul in me , feel like the Internet is an undeniable escape from norms. Besides for the physical, the internet is the norm at this point in time. 

Currently all I desire from the Internet is attention and in exchange for that I am going to share my finesse journey. My fashion finesse as well as youth culture finesse (3017sxd).

Always remember that I am here for you ❤

I stick through this with you ❤.

Feel free to hit me up ❤

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