S.A Coolest Kids/Nasty C vs. Febuary.

Note : 

Majority of these conversations are going to be hustle orientated. 

The hustle is going to be youth orientated.

So wordy, while I was working on 3017sxd And moved to my personal page, I decided to explore Instagram’s explore feed just to figure out wtf is going on and what is popping according to South Africa’s youth.

Aaannnddd yep I saw a whole lot of Nasty C, bad bads and animal memes(cuz I love that shit😂😂😂, dog memes land!!!). Yep, Nasty C’s album clearly broke the net 😂.

Nasty C album
Nasty C’s album

Cuz I’m seeking higher levels of promoting my works, I then decided to follow pages that youth follow and in SA. Idk anything that’s popping off more than pages like “South Africa’s coolest kids” and all such pages that post cool kids and thirst traps, I noticed something… my perspective about such pages was off. These page are really underrated. They actually do cater to a market and their finesse game is hella smart.

S.A coolest Kids
S.A coolest Kids is one of many youth orientated platforms about cool kids.
Coolest kids
S.A coolest kids

I soon acknowledged how beneficial they are to our little ecosystem. They promote youth. They benefit the youth. There is something brewing and I feel like we should not sleep on it. I noticed best when I saw Febuary’s recent song on most of their stories (which is honestly a beautiful song) , in terms of furthering Febuary’s reach or rooting Febuary in our lives, this as such an effective move. Respect!!!


Take a listen here to his song :

If I were to draw a comparison to pages overseas,  you could compare them to Hype Beast pages, bad bitch pages and similar things that have a massive following. Except Coolest kids is scaled to our internet infrastructure.

These pages work, just check em out and some of the people they post up.

I honestly feel like this is an excellent tool and if your finesse generally involves youth, then without a doubt this can help speed up the process of gaining an audience.

So wassup, what’s your boy gonna do?

Honestly I am gonna run it up 😤🔥 and see if it’s as beneficial as I say.

Tell me what you think and how you feel about it. Am I late to the party , is there something way more effective?

Hit me up, I am your finesse mate after all ❤

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